Our travel route? The World.

We confess to be warm-weather sailors and our way around the world will take us through the warm regions only. Our first plan to sail from Cape Town to the Caribbean was immediately thwarted by the pandemic, we were not allowed to enter.

Then we hired a South African delivery crew to take the Rivercafe to the next possible port. That was Tenerife in the Canary Islands. There we boarded our Leopard 45 for the first time, and our maiden voyage was an Atlantic crossing from Gran Canaria via Cape Verde to St Lucia with the ARC+. It can be easier to get to know a boat.

Now we have finished our first double handed season in the Caribbean and hope that the virus will give us more freedom of movement in the second season. In Corona times you can’t plan anything. As things stand, we want to sail in the Caribbean/Bahamas/USA for a few years.

Maybe Panama Canal and Pacific before we sail Polynesia for the second time. And then we’ll see. Indonesia alone has 17,000 islands…

We hope that we will soon be allowed to plan our own route sensibly again and not have to leave the routing to a pandemic.

[travelmap width="100%" height="500"]


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