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Holiday mode vs. travel mode

13. May 2021

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A visit home

7. May 2021

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We are off for a short while

2. May 2021

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Life on a catamaran

23. April 2021

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Holiday mode vs. travel mode

The difference between travelling and going on vacations. Holger doesn’t like it when I talk about our first Atlantic year (2016/2017) as a vacation. He says it was a journey…


We are off for a short while

Strategies for the Hurricane Season When you see the crews of ships hauling extensive provisions and the word “Azores” comes up more often, you know that the Hurricane Season is…


The weather is going crazy

Talking about Easter, hairstyles and vaccinations Don’t worry: that we’re talking about the weather has nothing to do with the fact that we don’t have anything else to say. But…


Whale watch day

Talking about animal encounters Thursday was our whale day. Shortly after 8 am we left the bay of Point-a-Pitre for the 4 hour sail to Les Saintes. One of our…


The Pearls of Guadeloupe

Gwada and the Créoles They are a very likeable people, the Guadeloupians and Goudeloupeuses. Except when they drive a car. It’s a kind of Caribbean martial art. When the engine…


Jacques Cousteau nature reserve

Underwater world We have been living aboard the Rivercafe for half a year now. 9 months ago we left Luxembourg and our old life. And this week, we have learned…


Lost in the Caribbean

Corona, Chaos, Clouds Thank you very much for your suggestions on my naming dilemma. Many have suggested their own names and I appreciate that. Interestingly, there was no nickname at…


Guadeloupe – this week without any drama

AbsoluteIy necessary: I need a new name After an exciting and spectacular past week, our wish has indeed come true: little excitement this week. We are still in Guadeloupe, still…


Guadeloupe – almost a disaster

Drama on the dream island Almost 400,000 people live in Guadeloupe and I guess that almost everyone knows about the drama we experienced here. It was even reported in France….


From Martinique to Guadeloupe

Les Saintes – the holy islands of Guadeloupe On Januar20 we had another farewell or better an “au revoir”. This time we spent 2 weeks in Martinique and it was…


Our travel route? The World.

We are avowed warm-weather sailors and our way around the world will guide us through the warm regions only. From Cape Town, our 5,700 nm maiden voyage will take us along Namibia, St. Helena and Ascension Island, past the coast of Brazil to Barbados. The first 2-3 years we want to sail the Caribbean, the Bahamas and the USA. Then we think of the Panama Canal. In the Pacific we are planning with the US West Coast and Hawaii, before we sail for the second time in Polynesia. And then let’s have a look. Indonesia alone has 17,000 islands ….

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