Here are a few things that have made our journey easier.


eTriggs – application against seasickness

A bioenergetic product, works very effective without chemistry  You stay clear in mind and you will not get tired caused by chemical substances. We wouldn’t leave the port without having them onboard.


World account – perfect financial solution for travelers

We use the world account for years. Every sailor should actually use it. This is a free bank account with a special (free) VISA card, which allows us to withdraw cash anywhere without charge, no matter in which country and in which currency. This is ideal for us. When we get to the next destination, we pick up as much cash at the ATM as we need for the day.


Ocean Cruising Club

The OCC is an organization that would have to be invented if it didn’t exist. A perfect forum by/for blue water sailors. The information about all possible sailing areas is provided by sailors and is often the latest news a crew can get. The local representatives around the world are certainly also an argument. For a full membership you have to prove 1.000 non-stop sailed miles and you need a sponsor who supports the membership application. It costs a few euros a year and a one-time admission fee, but that’s all within the bounds and it’s more than worth it.


Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation

Another great resource to plan a trip. The british RCCPF offers valuable area and trip descriptions to download for free. If you are looking for detailed information for your trip, you should have a look.



Doctors located in Hamburg, who offer exactly what we sailors need. Perfect seminars like “Medicine on board” explain how medical emergencies can be solved on board. Very important: under on-board conditions. In addition the Seadocs offer also Medical Kits offered to completely normal prices.

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