Christmas time

Christmas time in Thailand and Spain

With our departure from Istanbul, we made our way to more Christmassy mood places. Royal Jordanian flew us to Bangkok via Amman and we can tell only the best about this airline.

This trip to Thailand was not a vacation but a health check.  Our friend Fränk motivated us to go for a full check-up and some treatments for current stuff. Not bad at all for young-at-heart people like us to have the most professional health check of all time after 3 years at sea. It was the first time in my life that I got a complete picture and in-depth analyses of my condition. Sensational.


I have had an autoimmune disease for many years, which is quite restrictive. I’ve seen MDs in Luxembourg and Germany with it, and of course also specialists. The result was permanent medication and the sound advice that I should live with it. It wasn’t always easy when we were travelling.

What happened at Miskawaan was something completely different. First of all, I was completely analysed. My blood, my body cells and my DNA provided hundreds of factors that were incorporated into a diagnosis and subsequent therapy. For the first time in almost 20 years, the cause of my illness was identified and not just the symptoms treated. The cause was treated immediately and I actually noticed for the first time in 2 decades that something was changing in my body. Which, according to my previous doctors, was hardly possible.

After a week of Miskawaan, we flew from Bangkok to the clinic’s regeneration centre on Koh Samui. As the clinic specialises in cancer, autoimmune and Long Covid, Koh Samui is not a bad place – under palm trees and on the beach – for further recovery and strengthening the immune system. Therapies for the side effects of many diseases such as depression, immune system or physiotherapy are also offered here. It was an intense time for us and we hardly had the opportunity to see more of Koh Samui.

Christmastime in Bangkok

Back in Bangkok, we did a few things and enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere. Quite funny in a country that doesn’t celebrate a Christian Christmas. The opulence of the Christmas decorations and the monstrosity of the Christmas trees gave no indication that over 90% of Thais are Buddhists and don’t really have anything to do with a child in a manger. But the Thais like to celebrate everything, including recently Diwali. We enjoyed every moment in the wonderful warmth, always over 30 degrees.

Bangkok: Family shrine specialised trade, massage for Holger, public transportation, Temple, Thai Food (we never shoot any food), traffic

And off we went again, this time to Frankfurt. But only for one night. Our daughter and our favourite grandchildren met us at the airport for a few hours.

Spain in a Christmas frenzy

Our next trip took us to Spain. We felt like Father Christmas, who had to complete his round-the-world trip in one night. Valencia was our destination and the starting point for another road trip. From Valencia and the Costa Blanca to the Costa del Sol and Malaga. We only knew the Murcia region on the way from the coast side. We found the countryside even more desolate, so we wasted no time and drove on to Granada.

Valencia by night


The snow-covered mountains of the Sierra Nevada gave us our first taste of Christmas. Once you have made it to the city centre of Granada, you will find a beautiful old town with a colossal cathedral, beautiful alleyways and everything festively decorated. The Plaza del Carmen is a feast for the eyes. Even without mulled wine, although the temperatures would have been appropriate for a hot drink. We had to arm ourselves with socks, gloves and hats. Aren’t socks real loose-loose garments? If you wear them, it’s stupid. If you don’t have any when you need them, it’s even worse.


Spanish cities know how to attract visitors – even in the winter cold at almost 750 metres above sea level. Over 3 million people visit the 250,000 inhabitants of Granada every year. Most of them no doubt because of the Alhambra – which remained hidden in thick fog during our visit.


Our journey continued along the Sierra Nevada for 1.5 hours towards the sea. To Malaga. Malaga is at the top of some quality of life rankings. Very understandable. Malaga is fantastic and the 550,000 inhabitants are visibly proud of their city and traditions. The city centre is a sensation, but at Christmas time it is even better. The Christmas decorations in the city centre, in Calle Larios, have become world famous. After dark, there are three light shows and music every evening, which are celebrated by a packed audience. There are even Christmas carols from Malaga are good-humoured hip-swivellers. We only understood something about chocolate. Once one show is over, the crowds move on to the cathedral. There, on the 80 metre high tower, a Christmas animation is shown that is one of the best I have ever seen. Simply fanastic.#


Malaga is livelier than almost any other city of that size. Every day of the week, the restaurants on the streets are packed and the choice is overwhelming. The old town adjoins the harbour, which with its Christmas market, bars and terraces with breathtaking views would be worth the trip to Malaga alone. What a pearl.

And that was it for our trip. The next flight took us to grey and cold Germany, where we will end this year. And if we haven’t frozen to death, we`ll be writing again soon.

Ka and I would like to thank you for your loyalty as readers, your messages, questions and suggestions this year. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. / Holger Binz

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