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685 days

685 days to freedom

Put out 22 tubes of toothpaste and 86 garbage cans – then I’m finally back in real life. In Cape Town, I am then dived into the water like a fish, happily disappearing back into the world. Only 16,447 hours until I can breathe properly again and do not need dizzy socks anymore. I’ve been counting for 200 days now, writing the number in the morning showering on the steamed door. I really tried to live in long pants and suit again. It worked for 5 months, with the civilized world and me. At month six, Ka and I looked deep into each other’s eyes and realized that we needed to get back to the true world. Where problems are serious problems that can hurt. It’ s a life with deeper lows and higher highs. We spent a year in shorts and barefoot, traveling from Spain across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and back. It was the most difficult year of our life’s and the happiest. Actually, we had no choice, there was nothing to decide, just to do. We sold our 50 foot Monohull and ordered a catamaran. On July 1, 2020, the handover will be in Cape Town and a new adventure will begin. Open End. Welcome to our world and aboard the Rivercafe. / Holger Binz


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