Book list for lonely sailing

Which book do you take to a lonely island?

Well here it comes to a topic in german language as I read most of the books in german language. So sorry that there will be no title translation.

I do not want to know how many times this question has been asked, but always a nice “Nachdenkanlass”.

You have your favorite books. True, but where is an entertainment value, if I have read something already 5 times. So the list is also about learning and re-discovering and sure – I do not want to part with some books anymore. I have downloaded all reference works such as books about fish and birds digitally. I have sorted out all the books I have read more than 5 times and everything that appears in the mare Verlag always seems like a treasure to me and I try to put it in the book box.


Guy de Monpassant
Auf See
erschienen im mare Verlag

Helmut Lortz
leicht sinnig
Verlag Hermann Schmidt

Helmut Lortz
Verlag Hermann Schmidt

Philipp Djian
Pas de deux

Woody Allen
Alles von Allen

Hermann Brode
Deutsche Lyrik

John Steinbeck
Logbuch des Lebens
mare Verlag

Allard Schröder
Der Hydrograf
mare Verlag

Atlas der Weltgeschichte
DK Verlag



Jonathan Balcombe
Was Fische wissen
mare Verlag

Favell Lee Mortimer
Die scheußlichsten Länder der Welt
Malik Verlag

Alain de Botton
Wie Proust Ihr Leben verändern kann.
FISCHER Taschenbuch

Tim Robbins
Tibetanischer Pfirsischstrudel

Mathias Enard

I appreciate suggestions and tips. Gladly here as a comment or by email to kb@sailrivercafe.com


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