18 months to go

Trimming down the pounds

After the turn of the year, our final year in Luxembourg has arrived. From now on we can finally talk about the departure “next year”. That makes everything easier and I am probably rarely considered with the view for completely disturbed when I make my preparations.

Our fabulous Leopard supervisor Christoph gave us the handover date 1.7. confirmed and we have sent our special requests for the Rivercafe to Cape Town. We have now arrived at the details, such as a counter for the anchor chain or the gas connection for the outdoor grill.

I feel good about having a goal in mind. In August I stepped on a scale for the very first time since we are back. Oh how bad, the official message is: I’m fat !! Not at all suitable for sailing, a shame for the guild. A normal everyday life degenerated me.

But needs to change, change quickly. We started our fitness program in September and when we start sailing again we’ll both be in perfect shape, even better than at the first crossing. Since September, we have refrained eating carbohydrates – including sugar and alcohol. In addition 3 times a week sport, (Ka 5 times). So I dropped 13 kilos of ballast and I’m officially not fat anymore. I slowly look like a sailor again. Sport, more conscious food and corked wine bottles seem to work – with a few tricks that’s not even a burden. Our wine cellar we get but not emptied that way.

We run in all weathers and also in frost through the forests of Luxembourg, past wild boars and deer. It is soothing, very refreshing and it reminds me during the lesson in the forest a bit of the wonderful air during our trip. After a year under the open sky, it was very hard for me to be back in houses. Not to mention socks and long pants. We are lucky enough to live in our very airy and bright home, but there’s nothing like living in shorts under the stars. With the goal in mind to get back on board well trained, the whole program is very easy for me.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a fantastic 2019. / Holger Binz

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