400 days to go

About wine tastings, engines and Facebook.

It will probably take significantly days less before we leave Luxembourg. In 400 days the Rivercafe is handed over and we put our heads on “Rivercafe” pillows for the first time.

The figure on the steamy door of my shower has halved and the number of remaining runs through the Luxembourg forests is below 100 now. The number of events that we experience for the last time is increasing. This was the last Easter celebration with the traditional pretzels (the tradition is Luxembourg is that the husband buys a sweet giant pretzel for his wife one week before Easter and she gives him a chocolate egg at Easter). It was the last tasting of Luxembourg wines, our next wine tasting will be in Stellenbosch / RSA. We hiked the final traditional 1st of May hike with our Luxembourger friends, I guess Shirleys Hights in Antigua will be the next hike.

We’re actually on our farewell tour. We’re probably meeting many friends for the last time onshore and it feels a bit like a farewell with sailor friends. That’s a sad side of sailing. You meet and say goodbye to Sailing mates, welcome and farewell are part of your day. For the last 100 days, I’ve been struggling with my favorites, the bureaucrats. It is mind-expanding to see how easy it is to fall through the grate. My acute experiences with health insurance, passports, flag and other more, I have described here (klick link).

Our house has recently hit the market and the first talks with interested parties are underway. If someone is looking for a formidable house in Luxembourg, this is the unique opportunity. But there is still a lot of bureaucratic to settle on the list.

The frequency of exchanges with other leopard owners is increasing and my knowledge is growing daily. Even after a year at sea there is still so much to learn and above all the Cat World is new to me. Our training and training program is set. Ka deals with health topics, care and fitness. I`ll do the vessel caretaker and have signed up for courses, e.g. engine and try to understand the on-board electrical system. A few years ago my technical skills were slightly limited. I just had a hammer and a cell phone to call someone when something was broken.

This does not work really well on the long haul and so the gentleman keeps on training. Leopard did not want me as a trainee, I wanted to hang around a few weeks in the yard to learn something. Well, I can understand it, who wants to hear the stupid questions of an economist and marketing bloke.

Also new is that we are now on Facebook with the name “Sail Rivercafe”. But only because there are two Leopard forums. It almost causes me a lot of physical pain to open a Facebook account. I do not like them, the anti-social media. This is opium for the people. The biggest waste of time and psychosis slingshot of all time. In 2014 the fabulous New York Times mad up that only the Facebook users spend a total of 39,757 years of lifetime on Facebook –  every day. That’s the entire life of 500 people – wasted every day. And that was at the time when FB had “only” 1.4 billion users. It will be more than 2 billion today.

You have to keep off so many crazy and stupid. Well, our use will stay clear. After all, I quickly found contact with the sailing friends again – that’s something very nice. And the Leo Owners forum is helpful too.

For both of us we have days in which the remaining time seems incredibly long. On other days we get hectic spots thinking about the to do list. But not a day goes by when we do not see ourselves anchored with the Rivercafe somewhere in the World. Only 400 days left, then we are finally back at home in the World. / HB

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