Atlantic blue hour

600 to go

Less than 600 days to freedom.

It was 5 months ago since we signed the Leopard contract. 19 months and 22 days left us until delivery – not that I would annoy my fellow human beings with my count. Since 280 days in the morning I write the remaining days in the hot steam on the door of the shower, today it was a huge 600.

I am still looking forward to what lies ahead, sometimes I have joyful flashes when I think about my future on the oceans. But there are now also the days when I reflect on what we will give up for our trip around the world. It will be a lot. There is our formidable house, which we will not need for at least 10 years. We will not find a comparable one in Luxembourg. There is the family and also friends. But it is also job too and the participation in the world in which we live. But no sadness, that’s exactly what we want to do – a different lifestyle. It does not take a philosophical view in front of the fireplace to know that you have to give up something important to experience something new.

We started separating from the first things. From stuff we have not used since our return from our last Atlantic crossing. Who needs a pasta machine? The way to simplicity lies before us again. Unlike in a house, on a ship you keep everything simple, not double or triple. At the Oysterbar we were consistent. Nothing unnecessary on board, but everything that was there had to be of very good quality. I really liked that on the last trip. It is now also a balance of what we take with us. I do not want to load more than 1,000 kg on the Rivercafe. It is said that one to of weight makes it a knot speed less. It gets overloaded quickly if you are not consistent.

Another aspect, we have to transport everything to Cape Town. What do we store, what do we get rid of? You do not need to store clothes for 10 years, until then there will certainly be self-cleaning fabrics or self-binding shoes. In the tropics, a few shorts and shirts are good enough for 90% of the time.

Increase by the way: Our fitness program, which we started two months ago, is also very pleasing. In the year on land, we came out of shape – and we took too much shape. Ka does sport 5 times a week, with me it’s three times. After two months, we lost two-digit kilos and the bodies are firmer again. A little more training and we are again suitable for sailing. By the way, eTriggs slimming helped us ( worked perfectly with us.

As for the Leopard cat, nothing happened. Except on my equipment lists and in contact with our formidable Leopard supervisor Christoph. Of course, I’ve also looked at more Cats, on Youtube there’s plenty of boat reviews. There were some good ideas, but our decision for Leopard did not falter on any ship. We marketing people are also concerned with the phenomenon of regret after a purchase – a normal process that people even feel after purchasing shoelaces. Absolutely zero, the Leopard is still our first choice and we are convinced that it suits us best.

Otherwise, all checklists have grown. Over the next 100 days, we will continue to work on reducing our inventory and getting rid of stuff. I will also prepare administrative topics: health insurance, VISA queries, vaccinations – the things that are on the way only expensive to regulate. In our minds we are often with our sailing friends who have been waiting in the Caribbean for the new season in the US or in Grenada or who have completed their circumnavigation in Australia. Now in early November, the Hurricane Season is over in the Caribbean. Fortunately, no hurricane has struck in the season. The construction after Maria / Irma could go on undisturbed.

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