Thank you for the wonderful goodbye.

We set off and hopefully meet again on warm islands under palm trees and on beautiful beaches. So this is not really a farewell, but rather a “auf bald”.

All the best to you all

Mum, Dad, Jil and Holgi, Hannah and Henri, David, Ulli, Matthias, Justus, Carl, Felix, Paul, Hanne and Anton. Thommy and Birgit, Don, and Naho, Tom, Josh, Walter and Anki, Jan and Basti, Ruth and Michel, Astrid and Michi, Jana and Hardy, Sabine, Claire, Serge, Rike, Stephane, Tim, Valerie and Markus, Jenny and Peter, Sarah and Pedro, Sarah and Tim, all B50’s, Marc and Claudia, Michaela, Irene, Tilmann and Moni, Bert and Moni, Flo, Pascal, Lee, Jo and Pit, Peter and Nancy, Manfred, Christian, Martine, Claude, Vicky and Leni, Beate and André, Polette and Jean with Maxi and Joelle, Yvonne, Damian and Daniele, Ka’s sport girls and all those we unfortunately forgot here, THANKS for the wonderful farewell parties.

2 thoughts on “Farewell”

  1. Ihr Lieben,
    wir wünschen euch von Herzen nur das Allerbeste für eure ersehnte Reise.
    Bleibt gesund und umtriebig wie wir euch kennen.

    All the best and take care!

    Michaela, Antonia und Felix

    1. Hallo Euch Dreien,
      herzlichen Dank für die guten Wünsche. Wir geben uns Bestes.
      Bleibt gesund und gut gelaunt

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