The time after – failed rehabilitation

A normal life is no longer possible.

In August 2017 we were back in everyday life and in the job. It was different than before. We felt much better, refreshed and rejuvenated – we had endless ideas. Who has sailed across the Atlantic, remains calm and no longer gets excited about nonsense. Extremely motivated we went in the early autumn and winter. The feeling lasted 6 months. Then the tide of banality and business clowns spilled over again. We had bad mood, superficial conversations and pointless stuff in everyday life. And we were permanently ill, we were never ill before. Increasingly, I was in a bad mood and annoyed and adapted to my environment again. Once you’ve learned that a problem can cost your health or life, the manager’s problem with his web site is not a real problem. That’s just one thing to settle, the view to problems is completely different. Here everything is so convenient and regulated, in exchange for it you have to work. I’m a fan of the theory that people always need a certain amount of problems. If there are none, they will be created.

The year had messed us up for our world and I did not even want to get involved. I felt resistance to be part of the game again and it felt wrong to do so. Our health suffered, the physical as well as the mental. What a waste of life. There was an effective way out: we have to go again. As with Bernard Moitessier: our logical path. Sometimes you just feel that one thing, one decision is completely right. No doubt, complete clarity and relief after the realization. So: a new journey and out again of the lulling comfort zone. Over the next few weeks, we thought about what we can do better on the next trip. It did not have to be as hard as the first time. Before our first crossing we had read the usual mountains of books and attended seminars. That was enough for 70%, but only the personal experience really helps. Stuff, which is not mentioned in an books. And there was a lot to do better. The first on our list was our ship. Our 50 ft. from East German production was a bad choice. Although we had upgraded her in order to be seaworthy. It did not fit anymore, even though it was almost new. We needed another solution. The second point was the route. We travelled a lot and that was why it was logical: a circumnavigation of the world. Or two. The third on the list was the duration. Again we did not have to discuss: open end. Without any time pressure we followed the schedule of the weather only. Both of us would have take the same decisions. What luck. It was time to start the concrete planning. And what time is better suited to this than winter? / Holger Binz



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